Irvine University College of Law

Irvine University College of Law

The College of Law educates students with the classic academic education of a Juris Doctor (JD) program. Our curriculum is comprehensive and includes both required classes and electives to arm students with a robust understanding of the law.

What makes the College of Law different? The JD program emphasizes today’s most common legal challenges. Our faculty members have diverse professional backgrounds in corporate law, private practice, government, and law enforcement and bring their expertise straight from the courtroom into the classroom. In turn, our professors recognize that College of Law students are working adults with their own range of professional experiences, and thus foster a dynamic learning environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and opinions.

The College of Law offers a part-time law degree program to accommodate students and working professionals. The course of study for the JD degree is academically challenging. Historically, over the four years of study attrition is expected to occur from the total number of students who start the program. Not all are able to sustain the demands of study for various personal, situation, work-related or academic reasons.

As a student at the College of Law, you’ll develop your problem solving skills and learn how to apply the law to real-world situations. You will be educated in both legal reasoning and practical techniques, and will also hone your verbal and written communication skills throughout your studies. Upon graduation, you will embark onto the world with a deep knowledge of the law and a set of valuable skills.


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